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A Jamaican Passport or Travel Document may be issued on application to a non - Jamaican only after the person has obtained a Certificate of Registration or Naturalization from the appropriate authorities in Jamaica. Applications are submitted directly to the Passport, Citizenship and Immigration Agency in Jamaica by the applicant.
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Any person who immediately prior to the commencement of the act had been a South African citizen via naturalization, had been deemed to be a South African citizen by registration, or had been a citizen via naturalization of any of the former states now composing South Africa is now considered to be a naturalized citizen of South Africa.
Apply for US Citizenship - Form N-400 Citizenship Application Online.
A completed Form N-400 US Citizenship Application is the required form; it must be filed along with photos and supporting documents. Becoming a US citizen has many advantages. File today for US Citizenship, and don't' wait to process your naturalization and immigration forms.
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Foreign nationals receive a Certificate of Naturalization when they become American citizens. Get certified copies of a Certificate of Naturalization. Replace Your Citizenship or Naturalization Certificates. Replace your Certificate of Citizenship or Certificate of Naturalization if it was lost or stolen using form N-565.
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naturalization, the act of investing an alien with the status of a national in a given state; it may be accomplished as the result of voluntary application, special legislative direction, marriage to a citizen, or parental action. Naturalization may also occur when ones home territory is annexed by a foreign power, to which one transfers ones citizenship.

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